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  Language Laboratory

Good pronunciation in English language, is, ‘sine qua non’ of the art of communication through speech.  Yet much attention is not paid to this aspect of language learning and teaching in our educational institutions.  Especially in the context where English is learnt as a second language, the problem becomes all the more alarming.  The linguistic habits already acquired in learning the mother tongue stand in the way of learning the language and thus hamper the proficiency in speaking the language.

It is also right to mention here that in English, there is very less correspondence between the orthography (spelling) and the spoken form (phonetics). The 26 letters of English alphabet are represented by 44 sounds. It is therefore, essential that the learners of English make a systematic study of sound system of the language.  It is pertinent to make them understand the fact that no letter of English has a fixed sound value.  So more and more exposure to English sound system will lead to teaching and learning of accurate English.

  In Indian context, the need for proper training in English sounds system, is very much required. When we interact with people from different regions of the country, it is generally observed that either they fail to produce a particular sound or they produce incorrectly. So it becomes essential that students belonging to various regions are exposed to the same standard material in the language laboratory in order to develop uniform and acceptable habits of speech.
To upgrade & update the language proficiency of students and prospective teachers in speaking English & other language, Sohan Lal DAV College of Education, Ambala City has established a Language Laboratory.

A Language Class in Progress

The Language Laboratory has an air conditioned, soundproof room, an Audio System and a Computer. There are 18 channels for students and one for the teacher.  The students can communicate with each other and also with the teacher and vice versa without disturbing others in the laboratory.  Related material from CIEFL, Hyderabad and B.B.C. has been added which caters to the needs of various categories of students.

It will be an honest endeavour on the part of the incharge Language Laboratory to install certain courses like Business English, Spoken English, and Day-to-Day English, etc. for the trainees of the college.  These courses are conducted with the help of audio, videotapes and computer CDs.

We also intend to make an honest endeavour to render social service through the Language Laboratory wherein the services of a doctor- a speech therapist are arranged who provides speech therapy to the students (of nearby schools) who suffer from problems of stammering and stuttering.

Moreover, research studies at M.Ed. level related to language are conducted in the Language Laboratory on areas like testing listening comprehension, mother tongue interference, material development for use in Indian classrooms, comparative studies of pronunciation and speech habits of people belonging to various regions of the country etc.  This area in the field of research and remedial teaching needs to be strengthened with the help of computer for storing and recording of the data and with the help of CDs for providing more exposure to the users of this laboratory.

The incharge of the Language Laboratory is professionally trained and academically competent for the job. It is hoped that the Language Laboratory under her guidance, would be used effectively in research and extension services.

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