Vision 2020 (Goal-Commitment-Mission)

  To be one of the Centers of Excellence in teacher education based on Indian Vedic culture and ethos coupled with modernity.
C Creating Knowledgeable and Humane Society
O Organisational Pride
M Mutual Trust and Democratic Sharing
M Modernity blended with Tradition
I Initiation and Innovations
T Total Quality in Teacher Education Programme
M Materialism Coupled with Spirituality
E Empowerment of Teachers
N Nurturing Vedic Values
T Teacher Competency Focus
· Generation, preservation and transmission of knowledge
· Building core competencies and adaptability among prospective teachers
· Disseminating skills for life long learning and information processing
· Developing creative and critical thinking in prospective teachers
· Initiating and experimenting innovations in teacher education
· Undertaking action research at grass roots level
· Keeping pace with information and communication technology
· Cultivating human & spiritual values
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