Become Valuable Assets in the Great Progeny of Teachers

Sohan Lal D.A.V College of Education began with a man’s dream to create an institution where students would be educated to actualize their potentials and succeed as human beings. It is an institution striving not only for academic excellence but producing seasoned human beings who shall take the reigns of nation & become valuable assets in the great progeny of teachers.Keeping in time with the developments in the educational strategies around the globe, S.L. D.A.V. has been envisioned to develop into a strong centre for providing total quality in teacher education. We are committed to contribute to future of the nation by creating seamless educational opportunities.

I would like to share an incident in life of Abrahan Lincoln where he wrote to a teacher of his son advising him to impart to his son not merely academic training and education, but to prepare him to face the ups and downs of life in a confident, brave and ethically balanced manner. The teacher should teach him how to incorporate love and kindness into his thoughts as well as action. The teacher education colleges, I believe should be more than just academics, more about producing thinkers than walking repositories of knowledge, more about creating an ethic of questioning than of presenting the status qu
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 Events and Activities

  • Honour to Dr Vivek Kohli, Principal, August 2011
  • Seminar in Collaboration with Educo International Inc. USA, Jan.2008
  • UGC Sponsored National Seminar on developing Spiritual Consciousness, March 2008
  • International Womens Day Celebrations, March 2008
  • Campus Interviews, Feb. 2008
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Whats New

  • M.Ed admission will start by Kurukshetra University in August/September 2014
  • Educational Research Vol. 11 will be released in November 2013
  • Forms – Electoral Roll
  • Educational Research Journal Vol. 10, Year 2012
  • Our Prominent Alumni (updated in September 2013)
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