Co-Curricular Activities

(i) Games and Sports and Health Services
Games and sports are an essential feature of a college of education because invariably teachers are assigned duties in a school related to this. In addition to the academic work with which a teacher is mainly entrusted, he has to develop the quality of physical fitness and character development, in his students as well.
The college organises various types of sports activities. They are as under:
Athletics Meet

Volley Ball Competition

Football Competition

Table Tennis Competition

Cricket Competition

Chess Competition

Carrom Board Competition

The college has enough stock of sports material and kits for all the games. Teacher incharge of Physical Education organizes the activities smoothly through out the year.

A Game of Volleyball.
The Education Society of the institute is a great learning resource for the student teachers. It organizes a variety of programmes of educational value. The main objectives of the society are:

– Providing a platform for developing leadership qualities
– Identifying individual merits and talents of student teachers
– Developing aesthetic sense through decoration of the Assembly Hall
– Developing organizational skills among the student teachers
– Developing higher values and virtues through devotional songs, music, noble thoughts
– Developing open mindedness through interfaith programmes
– Creating awareness of student-teachers towards the significance of festivals, traditions, national & international days.

Various education societies like Sadan, Parishads etc. are formed which act as effective and comprehensive learning resource.

(ii) College Groups
a) Sadan
The institute maintains stock of sports material and kits for all the games. Teacher incharge of Physical Education organizes these activities through out the year.
For imparting training to the teacher trainees regarding school activities, the student teachers are grouped into various Sadans. There are eleven Sadans – one for the M.Ed. class and ten for the B.Ed. class. Each Sadan is named after an outstanding educationalist like Vivekanand, Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. Sadan on duty for the week is entrusted with several activities like conduct of morning assembly, writing news, thought of the day, maintaining discipline, beautification of the campus and rooms.

A Saturday Morning Assemly
Each Sadan is headed by a member of faculty, who guides the students in cultural as well as academic activities. There is a regular meeting of Sadans (once a week). Sadans organize various festivals including Holi, Lohri and Cracker free ecofriendly Diwali and also organize various inter-house competitions like declamation context, debates and quiz competition.
b) Associations/Societies/Parishada
Associations/societies/parishada are formed based on the subject interests of student teachers in the college. The help in promoting the interest of student teachers in their subject areas such as:

(i) Ramanujan Mathematics Society
(ii) Raman Science Association
(iii) Literary Society
(iv) Patanjali Yoga Parishad
(v) Kautilya Social Science Society

(iii) Our Scholastic Programmes:
a) Science Discovery Centre
The college has initiated to establish Science Discovery Centre named after the great scientist Prof. APJ Abdul Kalam (Former President of India).
b) Subject Associations
The college has a number of subject associations/societies/ parishada which are instrumental in facilitating learning of student-teachers. While organizing a variety of progarmmes under each association/society/parishad the student teachers find many opportunities to draw subject related knowledge & skills. It helps to draw out their potentials. The following subject associations/societies/parishad are functioning in the college:

· Literary Society
· Raman Science Association
· Ramanujan Mathematics Society
· Patanjali Yoga Parishad
· Kautilya Social Science Association

c) Spiritual Resource Centre
The college has recently established Spiritual Resource Centre. Thoughts, sayings and quotes of great spiritual leaders (saints, yogis and thinkers) are collected and preserved in this center. Student teachers’ presentations in the morning assembly and out come of deliberations in sadans under the ‘Think Tank’ of NAF (National Awareness Foundation) are compiled.
d) Education Society
The Education Society is a student teachers’ representative body, which organizes programmes of educational interest and value. It helps to provide a variety of educational experiences, new directions in life and opportunities to learn managerial skills.
e) Community Care Project
The college has established a joint project on ‘Community Care’ in collaboration with Ambala based National Awareness Foundation (NAF). Under this project, a variety of activities have been initiated viz. Hiking and Rock Climbing, Self Awareness, Training in thinking, awareness about Mentally Challenged Children and Eye Donation Campaign.
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